Well, hello there!

I'm Kate!

I live in Orlando, Florida with my cute little family that consists of Brad (my boyfriend), Ameila (the cat), Alfred and Arya (the dogs) and fun filled visits with my favorite family member, Jade (my step daughter and bestie).

As a freelance educator, I not only travel to teach a multitude of sewing and quilting related classes, I also provide education on social media for small businesses and creating cohesive, compelling branding. I have the pleasure of working with BERNINA sewing machines as a member of their event team which means I get to travel to BERNINA dealerships and expos all over the country to share my love of BERNINA and making awesome stuff. 

I love all things handmade/DIY .

My expertise lies in sewing, machine embroidery and sewing education but that's not all I'll be sharing here. I am so excited to share my creative life with you and learn about yours, too. 

I have lived sooooo many creative lives: Starting my own face painting company, going to makeup school and working on low budget horror movies, becoming a hairstylist,  managing a salon in downtown Orlando and that's just to name a few!

I've always loved being creative and working with my hands, but for years it felt like I hadn't quite found "my thing"

Then, I learned to quilt while on a trip to Australia.

I made my first quilt blocks in the suburbs of Sydney and absolutely fell in love with the country and the craft! I returned to the states and the next day I bought all the supplies I would need to be a proper sewist! Armed with the sewing machine I was given for my high school graduation and any info I could scour up from the internet (it was a little more scarce back then), I made my first quilt top within one week of arriving home. 


I started sewing flippin' everything. 

I always wanted to find MY creative business and I never found something I LOVED until I got a job at a local quilt shop. In addition to running around the store and helping guests, I also ran the long arm quilting machine, taught classes and got to work hands on with BERNINA sewing machines. It was at this shop that my love of BERNINA and teaching was born. 

Now I travel with BERNINA as a part of their event team, putting on informative and fun events throughout the US! I teach a vairty of sewing, embroidery and serger classes and love to create classes specific to a shop or guild's specific needs.

Thank you so much for stopping by Tough Kitten Crafts and please don't hesitate to reach out about classes or with any questions you may have about your sewing and handmade projects. I'm here to help you make cool stuff. 

Check out the "Working Together" page to see all the fantastic ways we can work together both online or in person. I love to create new classes, ghost or guest writing for blogs, do one on one Instagram coaching and much more!  

I truly can't wait to work with you. 

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Meet Kate
Living in Orlando,  traveling the USA teaching and always finding new ways to upcycle, DIY and sew flippin' everything.
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