"No no no no! What did I do wrong THIS  time!?"

When you're learning how to machine embroider there are so many WTF moments, it's enough to make make you want to hide away your embroidery machine and forget you bought the damn thing. 

In class it turns out fine but at home...eek. That's another story. 

You're terrified to ruin a project you actually care about.

It's okay! We have all been there. 

The journey from confused newbie to embroidery expert is not a long one, 

you just need a little bit of help along the way!

In no time you will be adding flawless machine embroidery to any fabric with ease. 

I am ready to help you unlock your embroidery genius

and I have a great place for you to start:

Download my  3 Beginner 

Machine Embroidery Mistakes