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Stabilizers are the key to great embroidery that doesn't have puckers, outlines that are off or designs that look terrible after a wash.  

With this online, on demand class you kiss the stabilizer stress goodbye forever. I break down every type of stabilizer, how each category works and teach you the M.U.S.H.Y Method which makes it easy to choose the perfect embroidery stabilizer for every project.  


You can start feeling  more confident in your embroidery right now. 

So don't let choosing the right stabilizer confuse you for one more day.

Click here to learn more about Stabilizer School.

That BERNINA machine of yours is amazing....but you're still afraid to use it, aren't you? 

Maybe you're not afraid of it but it's so hard to remember what each button and icon do. 


If you're sick of saying " do I do that thing again?"

Then this class is perfect for you! 

B.E. Genius is like taking your mastery classes home so you can watch them over and over again. In this online, on demand class I teach you every button, icon and feature of your BERNINA embroidery machine. 

B.E. Genius stands for BERNINA Embroidery genius and that's exactly what you'll be after this class.

Click here to learn more.  

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This is a far departure from the just ro

Machine Embroidering Your Wardrobe


Ready to add machine embroidery to your wardrobe?

Let me show you how to add an amazing personal touch to your handmade or purchased garments.


In this lecture style class you will learn the best tips and tricks to create professional looking embroidery on all types of clothing. 

Click here to join the Monday 4/12 at 8pm EST class.

Click here to join the Saturday 5/15 11am EST**

**The Saturday class is hosted through Pintuck and Purl. You will be redirected to their site.

Troubleshooting Embroidery Issues

Advanced beginner+ 

Accidents happen, so do bizarre mishaps. I will show you how to assess various embroidery issues and how to fix them before they happen, mid embroidery and even after the fact!
No more panicking, we can fix it.

This is a lecture demo class that will also feature a Q&A session where we can work through your embroidery issues together. 

Click here to sign up for the May 1st 11am EST class. 


Digitize A Quilt Label

Beginner (must own BERNINA software)

In this lecture/demo class you will learn how to use your BERNINA Version 8.2 Software to create or customize quilt labels in your software. 

You will learn how to add lettering to a purchased label design, customizing a purchased label design and digitizing a label from scratch.

Click here to sign up for this class through Pintuck and Purl

Embroider a Quilt Label 


Let's embroider a quilt label! This class will show you the foolproof method for a beautiful embroidered label. 

Learn how to stitch a perfect label on quilting cotton and methods for attaching the label to your quilt. 

You may use a quilt label you digitized yourself in the "Digitizing a Quilt Label" class or a purchased embroidery design. We will not be customizing the labels in this class or adding embroidered lettering.

Click here to sign up through Pintuck and Purl




YouTube Live Every Wednesday!

Did you  know I go live every Wednesday night on YouTube? 

Can't catch me live? That's okay! All my classes are there and available on replay!

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FREE Hooping Class

I'm launching a virtual hooping class soon and guess's absolutely free if you sign  up in the first 48 hours. 
That's right. You get it absolutely free (forever) as long as you sign up in the first 2 days. 

After that? The class will cost $17. 

This class tentatively launches the 21st of April.

Click here to sign up for the waitlist to be sure you get it for free!