What do I do about loose ear loops?

If the mask fits your face perfectly when you hold it in place, but the loops are too big to hold it snug to your face then we need to adjust the length of your ear loops. You can do this by tieing a knot in the elastic and trying on your mask to see if the knot is in the right spot. Once you like the fit of your mask with the knot you can snip the excess elastic and toss it out. 

Make sure you like your fit before you snip the elastic! You can't undo this step. 

I ordered ear loops but I hate them...

If you or your child find the ear loops uncomfortable they are easily swapped out at home with zero sewing or DIY skills. All you need is an old tshirt (knit material aka stretchy) or leggings to cut up:

What does "Jersey Ties" mean?

Jersey is a type of material that is stretchy and comfortable that's usually used in clothing making (Think of your comfiest tshirt) Jersey Thanks to the stretch and soft material the ties will tie around your head comfortably but still be snug. 

I can't decide between loops and ties...

I recommend loops for one reason only: elastic is hard to find and you can easily switch out to ties if you don't like the loops on your ears. 

For children I recommend ties, as their little ears can't always support the thin elastic. But once again! Better to try loops first. 

 How do I care for my mask? 

Here's a little video I made for you about mask care and best practices:

The ties on my mask are *really* long...

Much like the earloops I wanted to make sure you had plenty of material since it's much easier to take away then add.

Wear your mask, tieing the ties in a bow behind your head. cut your ties 4" away from the bow. Remember you need plenty of length so that tieing the bow isn't difficult.

I am placing an order for a large group what are my options?

We will have to talk specifics like how many you are looking for, the type of masks, turn around time, etc . There is a cap on how many I, one sewist in her home studio, can make but we will need to discuss that as it changes based on my current work load and how quickly you need them.

Bulk discounts are available,  they start at 25+ surgical masks or 20+ fitted masks.