The 15 Minute Gift: Easy Eye Pillow and Case

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Last year for Christmas my boyfriend's mom, Kim, gave me a rice pillow. Let me tell changed my life.

Dramatic? Yes. True? Also yes.

Did you know that one in four women has had a migraine and they affect three times more women than men. I am one of those women and woooo, let me tell you, they can really knock you out! And they are so flippin' frustrating!

While visiting Kim down in the West Palm Beach area, I got hit with a sneak attack from migraine. Kim also suffers migraines and sinus issues so she knew JUST what to do and let me retreat to a bedroom to rest and use her rice pillow; it was so soothing and wonderful, I was in love! She made me one of my own for Christmas and I have never looked back.

I love my eye mask so much I don't even wait for a migraine to use it! I use it any time I'm looking to relax; with it's weight and amazing aroma right over my eyes I can get relaxed enough to fall asleep anywhere (which is fantastic with how many hotel rooms and airplanes I'm in!)

Pop that eye pillow in the microwave to warm it up and you have a wonderful hot pack to go over your eyes, on your neck, anywhere that needs some comfort.