BERNINA University 2022: What’s New at BU

Once a year BERNINA of America hosts an incredible event called “BERNINA University” This yearly even is for an educational conference for dealers from all over the US (and the world!) to gather to learn about the new BERNINA products, take classes and let their hair down at a truly fun and vibrant event. Bernina of America does an incredible job putting it on every year.

BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 12

Me at my first BU in Chicago back in 2018.

When I was a contractor for BERNINA I was lucky enough to get to be apart of four BERNINA Universities, something I had wanted to attend since I first started working at a BERNINA dealer. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to attend BU this year in the gorgeous Palm Springs, CA so I don’t have any sneek peaks for you but that doesn’t mean I can’t still give you a recap of the incredible things being launched at BU 2022.

BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 13

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Check out the Machine Embroidery Workshops here.

B475 Kaffe Edition

Okay. No joke. I immediately applied for financing after seeing this machine and got directly on a preorder list. I love it. And if you think you like it too then you should do like I did and get in contact with your dealer right away because they will have limited quantities.

image 1
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 14

This cute lil B475 is so unique because it not only has a faceplate designed by Kaffe Fasset (inspired by his fabric line ‘Millefiori’) but the full machine is a gorgeous blue hue! This is the first time BERNINA has done a fully colored special edition and I believe the only fully color machine in 50+ years (I believe since the 60s but comment below if you know the exact year or have a correction on that)

“The BERNINA 475 QE Kaffe Edition, proudly presented by BERNINA in cooperation with Kaffe Fassett, is a tribute to his art and an invitation to commit to the power of color.”

image 2
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 15

This Special Edition comes with a free suitcase as well as a a dust cover that both match your machine beautifully. This gorgeous special edition also comes with 21 exclusive stitches for your machine too! These stitches are hand drawn by Kaffe and it looks like they are so cool!

Visit the 475 Kaffe page here to learn more about this machine! And don’t forget to reach out to your dealer quickly if you think this special edition is the one for you!


Check out this video about the Kaffe Fasset and BERNINA collab.

image 1
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 16

Click here to learn more about B.E. Genius

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Check out B.E. Genius, a virtual, on demand, lifetime access course all about your BERNINA embroidery machine and see what hundreds of BERNINA owners are raving about!

B770 QE PLUS Kaffe Edition

“This limited edition machine features an exclusive lavender and white faceplate with the acclaimed Guinea Flower fabric print by Kaffe Fassett and additional decorative stitches and embroidery designs. Furthermore, the machine comes with unique accessories and an exclusive Kaffe Fassett fabric bundle set.”

image 3
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 17

Need they say more? Nope! But don’t worry, we will anyway. Like the fact that this beautiful Special Edition comes with over $1,500 worth of free gifts (over $3,600 worth of free gifts if you grab the Embroidery Module which I obviously believe you should.)

When you add the Embroidery Module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT) you get a gift package valued over $3,600:

  • Embroidery Module Bag in Kaffe design
  • Trolley in Kaffe design
  • Dust Cover in Kaffe design
  • Kaffe Fassett fabrics (15 half yard cuts)
  • OESD Embroidery Bundle with
  • 5 New Kaffe Fassett Collections
  • 4 OESD Stabilizers
  • 12 Spools of Isacord thread
  • Big Book of Embroidery
  • 5 packs of embroidery needles
  • OESD TearAway Tape
  • EmbroideryOnline Gift Card
  • BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Creator
image 4
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 18

Just like the 475 Kaffe, these machines will only have a limited quantity produced so you will want to contact your dealer today if you’re even kind of thinking about this. In the mean time, click here to learn more about the 770 QE PLUS Kaffe machine.

Bernina 735

At first glance this machine had me a little puzzled but once I started to look at the features I was so excited by this 7 series BERNINA! Honestly, I couldn’t tell if this machine was new or not either as there was a video already available about it from nearly a year ago. That tells me one of two things: 1. that this was likely available on other markets first and is now coming to America. I have faint recollections of someone telling me that and that it is taking over the B720’s spot in the line or 2. It had a soft announcement last year and this is BU is her fabulous coming out party. Comment and let me know if you know! I’ll edit this post once I learn more.

Why this machine is so special comes down to four things happening all at once: it’s a 7 series machine that has a 5.5mm max stitch width with an option for embroidery and a huge 7″ screen! That’s a rare combo and man is it cool.

image 5
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 19

BERNINAs can stitch up to 9mm but that isn’t always a good thing if you ask our garment sewist friends, who tend to prefer the 5.5mm machines. It’s so cool that this 735 is offering that smaller stitch width, bigger screen AND embroidery capabilities.

But honestly? Any type of sewist could easily fall in love with this beautiful machine!

Check out the Bernina 735, particularly if you’re a garment sewist who is looking for their perfect sewing and embroidery machine.


image 2
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 20

Large Free Arm Embroidery Hoop

So I’ve already pre ordered this hoop. You knew I would have right?

I actually bought this hoop without even understanding how it works but now that I know? I am so excited. It’s incredible!

“The BERNINA Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop enables the use of the BERNINA freearm with tubular items, such as pre-made bags, or T-Shirts, without requiring unsewing and re-sewing. Thanks to this unique technology, you will save on additional stabilizer and fabric for hooping while enjoying the benefits of freearm embroidery with larger projects.”

Check out this video on how to use it:


The current list (as of July 12, 2022) of machines that can use this hoop are: B 880 PLUS Crystal Edition, B 880 PLUS AE, B 880 PLUS, B 880 Sterling Edition, B 880, B 830, B 790 PLUS Crystal Edition, B 790 PLUS SE, B 790 PLUS AE, B 790 PLUS, B 790, B 780, B 770 QE PLUS Kaffe Edition, B 770 QE PLUS, B 770 QE SE Tula Pink, B 770 QE AE, B 770 QE E, B 770 QE, B 750 QE, B 735, B 720, B 720E, B 700 E, B 590 Crystal Edition, B 590, B 570 QE SE Tula Pink, B 570 QE E, B 570 QE, B 535, B 535 E, B 500

There are also adapters for your current hoops! This adapter is for the medium and large oval and this adapter is for your small hoop.

Medium Clamp Embroidery Hoop

It’s finally here! An easy hoop for quilting in the hoop!

I’m excited because I know you’re excited. I’m also excited because this instantly makes me more likely to use my embroidery machine for computerized quilting.

And yes, I already preordered it.

“The BERNINA Medium Clamp Hoop is the ideal embroidery hoop for quilters. The square shape perfectly accommodates square designhs common for quilting. This saves both embroidery stabilizer and fabric compared to oval hoops.

Easily position and clamp quilt projects in the hoop by attaching repositionable clamps. The thick acrylic template enables you to visualize accurate placement while providing proper tension during hooping.”

Check out this video on how to use it:


The current list (as of July 12, 2022) of machines that can use this hoop are B 880 PLUS Crystal Edition, B 880 PLUS AE, B 880 PLUS, B 880 Sterling Edition, B 880, B 830, B 790 PLUS Crystal Edition, B 790 PLUS SE, B 790 PLUS AE, B 790 PLUS, B 790, B 780, B 770 QE PLUS Kaffe Edition, B 770 QE PLUS, B 770 QE SE Tula Pink, B 770 QE AE, B 770 QE E, B 770 QE, B 750 QE, B 735, B 720, B 720E, B 700 E

The Big Book of Computerized Quilting

I love the Big Book Series! If you aren’t familiar BERNINA has created these incredible huge reference books, each specializing in a different topic.

If I’m counting correctly this book will be number 6 in the series and is preceded by The Big Book of Feet, The Big Book of Embroidery, The Big Book of Machine Quilting, The Big Book of Longarming and the Big Book of Serging.

All I know about this book at this time is that it will be available later this year at your local dealer. Here’s the pic where I learned about the latest in the series, as shared in their stories by BERNINA on their Instagram:

image 3
BERNINA University 2022: What's New at BU 21

I’ll update this post as I learn more about the exciting things announced at BERNINA University 2022! Have any questions? Comment below and I’ll get ’em answered for you.

Which item are you most excited for? Will you be getting any of the special Edition machines? Comment below and let me know

image 4

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