My Road M.A.P. Will Make you Fearless with Machine Embroidery

Whenever I find myself lost, stuck, and unsure how to proceed with a big task, it’s typically because I haven’t stopped to make a plan on how to best attack this looming task.

This is the main reason I see for people not diving into machine embroidery.

I watch sewists have the desire and the energy to get started but no clear plan in place, and no one offering a clear path to success. With no plan, your energy has no direction and you quickly become aimless in the pursuit of a comprehensive and lasting understanding of machine embroidery.

But guess what? I made you a plan. I have a M.A.P. to guide you! M.A.P. is an acronym I created just for you to help guide on your journey to getting fearless with machine embroidery. No matter what your skill level with machine embroidery, this plan can help guide you to your next steps.

M.A.P. stands for three things: Machine, Abilities, Play.

M.A.P. is a three step plan you need to take, in order, to get confident with and excited about machine embroidery.

You first have to learn your Machine

Then we up your Abilities

Then you Play!

Let’s walk you through how to do this:


Knowing your machine is such an underrated step when learning machine embroidery but it’s what I always always always recommend first. I can’t help you embroider if you don’t know your machine.

If you’re using a BERNINA or bernette embroidery machine, I can help make that happen!

Click here to check out my class B.E. Genius (aka Bernina Embroidery Genius!) In this class you will learn every icon, function and feature on your beautiful BERNINA or bernette embroidery machine. This class will help you understand your machine on a level you never thought possible.

Also check out this article on my blog about the 5 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner About My BERNINA Embroidery Machine, where I talk about some of my now favorite BERNINA features that you may not even know about.

Not embroidering with a BERNINA machine? At this time, I’m sorry to say, I don’t have machine support for any other brands. Check out YouTube, user manuals and classes at your local dealer so you too can B.E. Genius with your machine! Another great way to learn about your machine is to hop into Facebook groups for your specific embroidery machine brand, the information there is priceless!


Perfecting your abilities and skills is an essential step to becoming fearless with machine embroidery. Knowing how to embroider, how to hoop your embroidery and what stabilizers to use are

The three most important things you have to learn about machine embroidery are:

  1. How to hoop your embroidery
  2. What stabilizers are and how to choose them for your project.
  3. The Foundations of Machine Embroidery: what tools you need, addressing things like tension and some basics on how to embroider materials

So how to do you get your abilities in order? You attend classes that focus on skill building! Let me introduce you to some of my skill building courses:

  • Super Hooper is a $17 class that will help you perfect your hooping. Did you know Bad Hooping could be ruining your machine embroidery? It’s true! This online, OnDemand class will teach you over 10 hooping techniques, executed to perfection, to help you create the best embroidery possible from the jump.

Click here to sign up for Super Hooper!

  • Learn your stabilizers with Stabilizer School! Do stabilizers confuse or overwhelm you? Are you intimidated to try new stabilizers because you don’t understand them? Learn about all the different categories, weights and how to use them. I’ll even teach you the M.U.S.H.Y. method! The name may be unfortunate but it’s a game changer when walking you through I even break down each and every stabilizer to tell you how to use it to make sure you never use the wrong stabilizer again.

Click here to learn more about Stabilizer School

ps. There is a great option called Super School that bundles Super Hooper and Stabilizer School together for an unbeatable price.

  • Foundations of Machine Embroidery is the only comprehensive virtual machine embroidery course of it’s kind, this class is specifically designed to help you feel empowered with machine embroidery by walking you through

Be the first to know all about it by getting on the list right here


You can learn all ya want but you have to practice your machine embroidery. You will never become fearless with out putting into practice what you have learned and playing around to grow your working knowledge of machine embroidery. You’ll likely bounce back and forth between play and abilities as you cotinue to machine embroider.

  • Hop on the TKC email list to learn about machine embroider alongs, classes and more!
  • Super Hooper and Stabilizer School both have workbooks that give you a chance to practice what you have learned in the classes.
  • Check out the Tough Kitten Crafts Blog and You Tube channel for more chances to practice machine embroidery with fun and beautiful projects.

Don’t fine yourself aimlessly trying to learn machine embroidery! Stick to the MAP.

Have questions about what step of the map you’re on or how to proceed? Feel free to reach out so I can help you figure out your next steps.

Can’t wait to help you get fearless with machine embroidery!

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  1. Hello, I found you over on weallsew on the machine embroidered jewelry post. I clicked on “Free Standing Lace Earring Design Ideas” but cannot find it on your blog. I would love to see your designs! TIA! Mary

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