Tough Kitten Crafts Closing Sale

This is a copy of the email I sent out to TKC Subscribers to learn more about the closing sale.
Scroll down to the “Tough Kitten Crafts” closing sale portion to learn specifically about the courses on sale.
Sale ends November 28th so hop into these classes before enrollment closes forever!

That’s right.
Tough Kitten Crafts is closing.

At the beginning of this month I accepted a role with BERNINA of America as their new Machine Embroidery Specialist. I am so excited to be joining the BERNINA Education team and to get to focus on BERNINA embroidery in this new position.

Before we get into technical stuff I want to say this:

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate every one of you.

You have made Tough Kitten Crafts an incredible place and I can’t deny the sadness I feel when I think of all the things we won’t get to do together via TKC. I had so many incredible plans for us, completely inspired by you all, that will now go unrealized and I would be lying if I said that didn’t make me sad. It really does.

But despite my deep love for this business that I have built with your help, this opportunity was too big and too exciting to pass up.

And I wouldn’t leave TKC for anything other than a chance to help more people, make an even bigger impact and spread the love of machine embroidery on a grander scale.

I have loved my time with you here and will take every question, every frustration and every kind word with me to help shape my role with BERNINA.

Being honest, there are several details about the future of Tough Kitten Crafts that remain to be seen, specifics that will be figured out over time, but there are a few things I can tell you right now, for certain:

-Any instance of Tough Kitten Crafts that remains, will be unchanged in its acceptance and appreciation for all machine brands. I have always been a loud, proud BERINA disciple, while allowing TKC spaces to not be BERNINA exclusive, while still making BERNINA specific content. This will remain. I still want you to love machine embroidery and no matter the brand you own.

-TKC classes are retiring as of November 28th- meaning no new sign ups after that date.

-There will be a “going out of business” sale of sorts that starts today and goes until the 28th. Details are in the bottom half of this email.

-All 2022 FOME Q+A sessions are scheduled and they will still be happening. Email to follow about how and when the FOME Q+A sessions will be wrapping up for good.

-The FOME guided study facebook group will remain up for at least one year. This will be the best way to have contact with me about specific machine embroidery questions going forward so I definitely would hop into FOME Guided study while you still can.

-I will still be posting to Instagram and TikTok under the ToughKittenCrafts name, though goodness knows how often. I will still be making BERNINA and embroidery content there though now my posts will likely include a broader range of topics.

-The Tough Kitten Crafts facebook group will remain in place for now. Its future is a little uncertain currently as I don’t know how my new role will change the landscape there. Hopefully all will remain wonderful and we can keep and grow the group.

-The Tough Kitten Crafts Website and blog will remain up. Though I don’t anticipate many new posts for the blog at present, there could be future crafting and sewing posts. We’ll see!

-I will not be doing any teaching in person or online, about machine embroidery or otherwise, unless it is through BERNINA. Thank you so much for all your inquiries and recommending me to your local shops and guilds. I appreciate you so much.

-If you are already signed up for Tough Kitten Crafts courses then I will be sending you an email soon about what this means for your purchased content. Don’t worry! You’ll be able to keep the content forever still.

While much of this is subject to change I know for certain we will always have the Tough Kitten Crafts Instagram and Facebook page so that we may remain in contact always. Be sure you like and follow these pages.

Tough Kitten Crafts Closing Sale

(5% of all sales will be donated directly to a neighbor of mine to help support them buy necessary items for their new home after two years of living in their car with their dog.)

The following courses are on sale until midnight November 28th. Everything but Foundations of Machine Embroidery will need the coupon BYETKC to get your 25% off discount, Foundations of Machine Embroidery course already has the discounts applied on the

B.E. Genius- This course will help you learn every icon function and feature of your BERNINA Embroidery machine. Also includes bernette 79 & bernette 70 models. Only certain BERNINA models are taught in this course.

BERNINA DIY Pillow- In this virtual, on demand class you will learn how to navigate the screens of your BERNINA embroidery machine to create your own design.

Stabilizer School- Stop the stabilizer stress. Learn the how, what and why of machine embroidery stabilizers. As well as my MUSHY method for picking the perfect stabilizer every damn time.

Super School- This is Stabilizer School plus my class Super Hooper, a hyper focused course on perfect machine embroidery hooping. This bundle and Foundations Of Machine Embroidery are the only way you can get Super Hooper.

The 12 Weight Workshop-A workshop about using thick threads such as 12wt and 28wt thread in your machine embroidery for a handmade, textured look. One of my most popular courses this workshop will help you learn to stretch your legs and embolden you to try new things with your embroidery.

Handmade Holiday Pumpkin Pail:This cute pumpkin class teaches you to make an embroidered 3D pumpkin.

Foundations of Machine Embroidery-Learn everything there is to know about machine embroidery with my four weeks to fearless framework.

All Access- This package deal is nearly 40% off! Get access to every TKC course, including Foundations of Machine Embroidery guided study, for just $375 or 3 payments of $125. That’s over $200 off your complete machine embroidery education before these classes close forever.

This sale is going on until Monday November 28th and then these classes are gone forever so don’t miss out!

Please don’t hesitate to hit reply to this email and have any questions you may have about any of the courses or the future of TKC.

I could wax poetic forever so I’m just gonna end this email with a simple, thank you so much for everything.
I love ya so much.

Be in touch again soon.

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