Designing Embroidery the Easy Way on your BERNINA B880PLUS

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Do you have a B 880 PLUS or a B 880? Have you used your shape designer yet? Because if you haven't I am going to BLOW YOUR MIND with this tutorial on how to design your own embroidery motif right from your machine using the simple sewing stitches that are already built in!

That's right! This gorgeous design was built using my favorite sewing stitches and simply playing around with the shape design feature in the machine! It looks hand done, it looks laborious and expensive but don't worry....I am going to show you below how truly easy this design is to build. From there you can turn it into a pillow (instructions below), table topper, wall hanging, whatever you like.

This pillow is Alfred approved, which sounds silly but he's truly the pickiest dog ever about what pillows and blankets make the cut for a snuggle. Now you see why there are so many dog (and cat) hairs on the couch.

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-Jumbo hoop

-Linen fabric, at least 17" x 24"

-OESD Fusible Woven Stabilizer (size to match fabric)

-OESD Fusible Fleece (size to match fabric)

-OESD Ultra Clean and Tear (Size to match the bottom of the hoop)

-Aurifil 50wt Cotton Thread in Various Colors

-75/11 Titanium Embroidery Needles

Optional, if making a pillow like mine:

-Tassel trim to match pillow

-Pillow backing fabric

-Soft N Stable by Annie

1. Prep your linen fabric as desired (I am an avid starcher).

2. Fuse your fusible woven to the wrong side of your linen, then fuse the fusible fleece to on top of the fusible woven (all on the wrong side).

3. Hoop your fabric right side up.

4. Take a piece of tearaway stabilizer (the size of the stitch area) and using embroidery tape, affix it to the back of the hoop; this is called "floating" your stabilizer. Be careful to ensure it doesn't bend or get caught up underneath the hoop as you connect it to the machine.

5. Set hoop and fabric aside while we create your design in the machine.

6. Open your embroidery files on the machine. Choose the third folder your "sewing stitches" folder.

7. Choose the second folder "Decorative stitches"

8. Choose folder 1201

9. Select stitch #1

10. With the stitch in your hoop tap the information icon

11. Tap the shape designer icon.

12. In shape designer, choose the circle shape, hit the + sign to 6 repeats and decrease the size of the shape to 40%. Then click "ok" (the green check)

13. Now we will go get another motif to shape. Tap the plus sign and retrieve that same stitch again.

14. Increase the repeats to 12 and increase the circle size to 105%. Then tap "OK"

15. First, go change your hoop size to the large oval. You can go to Jumbo now if you like but I like sizing up slowly so I can see what I am doing better. Then tap the "add motif" plus sign again.

16. Go to folder 701.

17. Select stitch 32. There is another stitch that looks like this one but is bigger, so be careful you choose the correct stitch.

18. Once again we will go to the shape designer icon. Now we are not only going to increase to 12 repeats and make the size of our circle 65%, we are also going to hit the +90 button to turn our motif so it looks like the one above. Tap the OK button when done.

19. Once again we are going to go retrieve another decorative stitch. (Tap the add motif plus sign) Open folder 401 and choose stitch #5.

20. You're old hat at this by now right? You know we head back into our stitch designer icon and match our machines to what I have here; 12 repeats, decrease the circle to 80% and then hit "OK"

21. Let's go grab yet another motif. Don't forget to hit the plus sign on the screen or else you could lose your design! Head into folder 601 and grab stitch #50 (it will look like two circles but come out as one)

22. Back into our shape designer, select 12 repeats and they should be perfectly placed on our previous stitch, so just tap "OK"

23. Still a few more motifs to add so let's go grab another one. Folder 801, stitch #5.

24. Back in shape designer we will do 6 repeats, increase our circle to 105% and tap the +90 button three times, until the arcs look like the arcs in the photo above. Once again, tap okay when you're happy with what it looks like.