My Four Must Have Sewing Machine Features (Plus My New Sewing Machine Buying Guide!)

In 2015 I was employed by a sewing machine dealer, ever since then I have spent most of my days talking with sewists of all types about sewing machines. We have talked about the machines they want, the features they dream of having, how to utilize their machine to the fullest, how to fix the funny thing it's doing, we have talked about it all.

Most of the time when I'm getting asked about features or machine specs or what I love about my machine or whatever it is, people are actually asking because they're curious about what machine they should get. Some people come right out and ask "What do you think about this machine for me?" or "What machine do you think I should be test driving?" but regardless of how we end up talking about it, I love helping sewists find the machine that is absolutely and totally perfect for them.

I love this old BERNINA ad but I think her eyes say "Help Me"

I have been getting asked more and more about sewing machine buying; do I need this feature? Do I have to have this for quilting? Do you really think I can learn that machine? It's hard to impart all the help I would love to give via a quick Instagram DM or email, as I board an airplane or on my way to the next event. This is where the idea for this machine buying guide started to take form and once I realized there wasn't anything out there that was like what I was picturing, I knew I had to dive right in and write something that sewists of all kinds would find helpful.

This sewing machine guide is written objectively and no matter if you have a preferred machine brand, are new to sewing, are buying your 10th machine or have no idea what you are looking for it's made to help you through the whole process. I am incredibly excited to present this guide to you!