Stabilizer School





Right now you’re battling with               

machine embroidery;                        

you want to love it                          

yet the end result lets you down every time. 


You know that you can create the incredible things you have seen online and in your local shop. 

Maybe you have fun and make great projects in embroidery classes, but when you’re home, on your own, it’s a defeating disaster.

How many more ruined projects can your poor heart take?

Imagine your relief if you felt empowered to make perfect stabilizer choices for your machine embroidery.


Imagine never facing the heartache or frustration of a puckered, distorted, or damaged embroidery project ever again.  


What if you always knew exactly what stabilizer to use for the most perfect, hassle free embroidery?

With Stabilizer School, you'll never again have to ruin another embroidery project with the wrong stabilizer.

In just one hour, this on-demand, online class will not only transform your knowledge of stabilizers but will also teach you how to choose the perfect stabilizer every time.

Enroll now for only $65

Does this sound like you:

You choose the stabilizer you thought would be perfect for this project just to realize you have puckering or distortion

on your finished project AGAIN?

Or maybe you never get that far anyway, because

you're too confused to even begin to choose an embroidery stabilizer? 

What if you never had to face the

frustration and defeat of another ruined

machine embroidery project ever again? 

What if you were confident in your stabilizer choices because you actually 

understood everything about stabilizers and choosing the right one every time.


Suddenly you've got gorgeous embroidery you were proud to show off.  

stabilizer school.png

to help aspiring machine embroiders like you to stop feeling defeated and start feeling empowered in choosing your stabilizer, and to forever cast out the feeling of dismay over another ruined project. 

Hey, I get it.

This sounds like unsexy and like, dare I say, boring ass work.   

But I don't know what to tell you except this:

This is what you need to be incredible at machine embroidery.  

That's exactly why I created 

Plus I promise to make this as interesting and easy to digest as possible. 


I even teach you the M.U.S.H.Y. method, my personal system for choosing the right stabilizer every time. It's got a silly name on purpose and it will help you choose stabilizers with ease.

When enrolling in Stabilizer School you get...


  • Comprehensive courses about machine embroidery stabilizers

  • A breakdown of The M.U.S.H.Y. method for choosing the right stabilizer every time

  • A library of knowledge about specific stabilizers and their uses 

  • Lifetime access to the course and its resources so you can watch over and over again

  • On demand access: learn on your schedule 

  • On going access to all Stabilizer School content, including updated and added material 

What's Included In Your Stabilzer School purchase?

Is #hotelfie a thing? Cause it should be

Hi! I’m Kate, your teacher,

and I used to suck at embroidery.


Five years ago, when I started to work for a BERNINA dealer,

I fell so in love with the embroidery machines.

I almost immediately bought one of these awesome machines (a very expensive one, by the way) and when I got it home, I immediately got started on my first project... which instantly ripped a hole in my fabric and sent me reeling.


I was so excited at the promise of beautiful embroidery, but project after project failed in the most spectacular of ways. 

I felt like a fool for purchasing an expensive, fancy machine that I couldn’t even use right.


Even after becoming a BERNINA machines expert and growing my knowledge in all areas of sewing… embroidery still haunted me and that machine continued to sit unused.


It was not until I started to decode the confusing world of stabilizers that I felt the possibilities unleash! Soon, I was able to say goodbye to failed projects, ruined fabric, and those defeating days in the sewing room.


As I traveled to teach and grew an online community of sewists, I understood that my feelings of dismay toward embroidery were not unique and many others had also ditched machine embroidery to avoid frustration and defeat. This is why I created Stabilizer School! To empower you to become a confident and enthusiastic machine embroiderer through stabilizer knowledge and my M.U.S.H.Y. method of picking the right stabilizer, every time.


Machine embroidery is actually quite simple with the right knowledge on your side.

Cross my heart, no sales B.S.

You can do this. 



- A detailed course on machine embroidery stabilizers and their use
- Learn the MUSHY method, my personal method for choosing the right stabilizer every time
- A quick access video library of information on specific stabilizers 
- An archive of machine embroidery resources to help you become a better embroiderer 
- Lifetime access to the course and its ever expanding content
-On demand access to the course and it's resources; learn on your schedule.

If you were to take this class with me one on one, at your leisure, it would be at least $900

If you were to take this class in a store, one time, among other sewists it would be anywhere from $150 to $200

However, you can have lifetime, on demand access to the course and its resources for only $65


Click here to enroll now. 

"How Does This Work?" 



Click the "Enroll Me Now!" button below and fill out your info. 


Check your email for the login info. Favorite this email so you can find it easily every time you want to login!


Click your login link (no passwords necessary!) and immediately get access to the resources and content within Stabilizer School.


Class Starts January 4th! Get ready to start the new year with machine embroidery confidence!


I don't want to start a class at the holidays....

Me neither!  Don't worry! Stabilizer school is enrolling now, and you will get immediate access to the platform and some of the resources on the platform but the course does not officially start until January. I wanted to open the course for enrollment now so it could be a great holiday gift from family, friends or to yourself! But I didn't want anyone to feel behind so we won't officially start up until 2021. You'll get an email with all the details about it when you enroll. 

How do I access the class? 

Once you enroll in stabilizer school you will get a login for a website called MemberVault, where I host all my classes. You can forever use your login and password  to access all the course modules right there. MemberVault is an awesome, easy to use platform that you will love! 

I'm not a techie person, will it be hard for me to use this class!

No! I have people of all tech abilities in this course! The website is easy to navigate and I am ALWAYS here for you if you have issues. 

If I have issues with my class, how do I get help? 

If you have any issues logging in, accessing the information or downloading materials you can email me directly anytime. I do my best to get back to you quickly and have often surprised students with my response time.
You also can join the Tough Kitten Crafts Facebook group for more help from my incredible online community, they're so helpful and knowledgeable. 

What if I don't have time to take the class right now ?

You have lifetime access to this content so you can buy now and not start watching until next year if you wanted to! I recommend buying now for one reason: The price will go up! I don't want you to be paying more next time enrollment opens!

What is the MUSHY Method you mentioned? I have never heard of it!

That's because I invented the MUSHY method to help you remember how to choose your stabilizer! MUSHY is a silly acronym meant to stick in your head and forever help you remember the exact steps to choosing your stabilizer. 

Can I get a refund on this class if I decide it's not for me?

I'm sorry but no. Due to the digital nature of this product I can't offer refunds for any reason. If you feel the content is not for you please reach out to me and we can see if I can add to the incredible content to better support everyone's learning. 

If I buy now will I get new content that's added?

Yes! That's the best part! If you buy now, you get the best price this course will ever be offered at. Then as this course gets even more robust and more resources are added you will get access to that content.

What is the “library of stabilizers” you keep talking about? 

Within this course I have a whole section dedicated to telling you in quick, easy to find videos, what each and every stabilizer does. Broken down by stabilizer name I cover 

Are you thinking “I don’t know Kate, is this class really right for me?”
I can help with that!

The answer is YES you should enroll right now if you...

-Don’t know what stabilizer is or why it is important in machine embroidery.
-Don’t understand the different categories of stabilizers and how they are used.
-Don’t know how to confidently choose stabilizer for your project (And have it turn out great!)
-Are new to machine embroidery 
-Have been machine embroidering for a while but still feel unsure when choosing stabilizer
-Are super curious about the MUSHY method and how it can help you
-Love to learn and are always excited to expand your knowledge
-Have ever felt overwhelmed by all the stabilizer options 
-Are done being disappointed in the outcome of your machine embroidery
-Have ever had a damaged, distorted or puckered project 
-Are thrilled with the idea of having an on-demand library of stabilizer knowledge
-Love embroidery in class but it feels intimidating at home
-Want to stop the angry cursing in your sewing room
-Never want a damaged, distorted or puckered project ever again.
-Never want to feel defeat by machine embroidery ever again
-Are ready to transform in to an  empowered and confident machine embroidery expert

The answer is NO you should NOT enroll if you...

-Know everything about stabilizers and their specific uses
-Already know how to choose the perfect stabilizer for your project
-Only  want to embroider Freestanding Lace, Stuffies or in the hoop projects (They already have great instructions!)
-Don’t see the value in an affordable online class that you can keep forever and access anytime
-Like the amount of angry cursing in your sewing room
-Enjoy the feeling of defeat from damaged, distorted or puckered projects
-Don’t care to be a competent, capable, confident machine embroidery expert.
-You don't like a playful, fun learning atmosphere


I am so excited to help you fall in love with machine embroidery and finally feel empowered in the stabilizer choices you make. 

Imagine never feeling unsure about what stabilizer would work for your project, creating all the gorgeous embroidery you could ever dream up and casting shame and dismay out of your sewing room once and for all. 


This is the future I see for you and

I can't wait to help you achieve it.  

xoxo Kate