Gorgeously Textured Applique with 12wt Aurifil

I love the glimmer in sewists eyes when I profess my love for Aurifil's 12wt thread.

The wonder, the excitement, the sheer curosity and sometimes even a tinge of fear.

-Aurifil has 12 wt!? -Do you really like it?

-When do you use it?

-What do you use it for?

-How do you use it? -Is it difficult to work with?

I am so happy to answer ALL the questions I get and even happier to help you find answers when I don't know them. Speaking of answers...

-YES! You have to try it!


-As often as I can.

-For quiting, topstitching, embroidery, applique...anything decorative!

-Bigger needles, thicker bobbin thread, lower tension, very slowly.

-Nope! Just do the things and all will be well.