5 Must Have Machine Embroidery Notions for under $10

Confession: I hate most notions.

Okay. That was inflammatory for no reason.

I don’t hate them I am just not a fan having lots of odd and ends around my sewing room.

My brain and room are both scattered enough, the addition of bits and bobs just makes it worse.

Having said that….when I like I notion, I don’t just like it. I become fanatical about it.

And there are few things I love more than an incredible tool, notion or accessory that is super useful and inexpensive.

So, you gotta know how much it thrills me when I say this: you can buy this ENTIRE LIST for under $25.

Oh yeah.

Useful? Check.

Inexpensive? Double Check

You can buy the whole list affordably? TRIPLE CHECK!

It’s so good. I can’t wait.

Let’s dive in.

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This is not an ad and all the opinions in this post are my own.

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Loop and Tail Wand

Got loops and/or tails? Not any more!

If you’re getting loops frequently then you should troubleshoot what’s going wrong with your embroidery (needle, tension, etc)

This tiny, inexpensive tool will help you hide those random loops in your embroidery projects so you don’t have to be angry with them or tempted to snip them (Don’t snip! That’s bad!)

I even have a video on how to use the loop and tail wand.

Click here to purchase the loop and tail wand.


Thread Nets

These nets. Ugh. I never learn my lesson with these nets! They really fix a multitude of issues with your embroidery and embroidery machine and I do not use them enough.

From tension issues to looping to thread jumping out of your tension discs, these handy little thread nets are awesome to help make machine embroidery wayyyyyy less frustrating.

Click here to purchase thread nets.

image 52
5 Must Have Machine Embroidery Notions for under $10 3

Hoops Springs

This one is a lil’ different because this is for my BERNINA peeps only.

These springs are for the embroidery hoops that came with your machine (small, medium and large oval) and make it so your embroidery hoops open fully and stay open during hooping.

These really cut down on the feeling of wrestling with your project while hooping.

They’re quick to put on the hoop, cheap to buy and make a huge different in the hooping process.

image 53
5 Must Have Machine Embroidery Notions for under $10 4

Click here to purchase hoop springs.

OESD Press Cloth

If you can only buy one thing on this list: This. Is. It!!!

This is the one. I am obsessed.

This press cloth will change your embroidery and no that’s not me being dramatic, it’s truly awesome.

Pressing embroidery can be rough without a good pressing cloth: The thread can get shiny (hello melting polyester), the stitches can lose their definition and your fabric can wrinkle in between the lettering making you panic that maybe it’s just a puckered mess.

This press cloth will protect you from all of it!

Place your cloth on your ironing board, place your embroidery on top of it (wrong side up) and iron away! This allows the stitches to be protected in the cloth and sink in so you can reach the fabric, easily.

You’ll love it and the price is so awesome for this incredible tool.

Click here to purchase the OESD Press Cloth

Embroidery Tape

Whether you are floating fabric on the back of your hoop or fixing a small snag in your stabilizer I love my embroidery tape; tear away, wash away, it’s all awesome to me!

This little roll of awesome really comes in handy in your sewing room.

PLUS! You get two rolls per pack…it’s a seriously good deal.

I think you should grab both but I definitely recommend the tear away over the wash away.

I have used it on a multitude of materials and never had any reside issues but of course you should always check on a scrap of material first.

Click here to purchase Expert Embroidery Tear Away tape

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