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Sewing Machine Buying Guide 

Have you ever bought something expensive on a recommendation...and had it be a total bust? That's even more aggravating when the purchase is expensive and you are SO excited about it.

I have been there! It's so frustrating! 

What if you didn't have to rely solely on word of mouth, angry online reviews and iffy consumer reports?

What if you could make an informed decision based on what and how YOU like to sew?

What if you had an unbiased source guiding you along through the whole process?

I have got your back.

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ebook and checklist allows every type of sewist and every type of consumer find the perfect machine for them. 

I will walk you through the whole process from how to find machines you're interested in, what to ask at the dealership, and even what your next steps are should you leave a dealership without buying a machine.


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