9 Ways Your Bernina Can Help You Make Masks

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Whether donating to health care workers or making for your family, almost every sewist I know is making masks right now and often by the dozens. Through a couple conversations I realized not everyone knows the ways that their BERNINA machines can help make their masks faster, better and built to last.

For that reason I'm gonna skip all cute chit chat (which I normally enjoy) and get down to business because YOU are busy making masks

(and so am I, I totally get it!)


I highly recommend these two patterns, both come in four sizes, have the option to add a nose wire and/or a filter and have multiple tie/elastic options:

Made Everyday. This is a great rectangle mask and her tutorial on using knit ties both saves money and makes highly effective ties.

Craft Passion. This is my favorite mask pattern because the way it fits the face, it's so comfortable!

Here are 9 ways your BERNINA machine can help you make medical masks faster, better and stronger.